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If you know something about science you suspect others don't know, why not share your knowledge? Mind you, we don't judge your knowledge by its truth value. It is enough to know that you know. We prefer the material to be formatted this way:

...that Mickey Mouse was not an actual labradory mouse?

It saves some editing time - precious editing time which I can then waste writing these explanations. Science is wonderful!

  • If you are interested in knowing what happens with the material you submit: it will be added to one of the random "Did you know" -templates on Science Portal page.
  • if you add a valid link to your sentence, it gains scientific value

New Did-You-Knows[edit]

Add your material here! Remember the asterisk (*) to facilitate subsequent editing.

  • ...that Minecraft is an accurate model of the Universe to 18 decimal places? (pictured)


  • ...that rectal bleeding is a natural part of Puberty?
  • ...that Evolution is just a guess?
  • ...that all rectangles are also squares?
  • ...that Labrador mice are the only race of mice to survive in labradories?
  • ...that, despite what your 10th grade Chemistry teacher said, neutralizing 4 M of NaOH using a buret is not particularly exciting?
  • ...that most of the chemical reaction labs in Chemistry class produce meth in the end?
  • ...that you have no life?
  • ...that sherlock holmes smokes opium every tuesday to prevent tooth loss?
  • ...that 70% of all berries contain napalm?
  • ...that "real" cheese can take anything up to 17 weeks to pass through the digestive tract?
  • ...that modern DIGITAL thermometers are more sensitive than modern ANALOG thermometers because they are short?