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Wakandistan (founded 3986 BCE) is the brown version of Wakanda. Like Wakanda, it is far more technologically advanced than the rest of the world and is currently ruled by Sir Udayengu Damuni al-Thicculus, Sixty-Ninth of His Royal Name, Esquire. Mr. Damuni is a registered DILF.

History of Wakandistan[edit]

Early Years & Founding[edit]

Wakandistan was founded in 3986 BCE by some humans by the names of Saddam Hussein and Dr. Phil. Phil and Saddam were a happily married gay couple who happened to declare independence from Mesopotamia and started the tradition of the Brown Camel.

Dr. Phil's speech at the funeral of his husband, Señor Saddam

What are they doing now?[edit]

No one fucking knows.


I'm sorry, but our representatives are not available at this moment. Please hold.

Calm down Pedro.