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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Masturbation?

Mastur Bation is the technique of trolling someone with something they think they want to look at but isn't and being a Master about it, this technique has lasted longer then the activity itself and has been recognised as one of the most annoying search engine query mistypes of the 21st century.

Compulsive Mastur Bation[edit]

Compulsive Mastur Bation can start off with a simple Internet Trolling and end up ruining your sex life forever.

Mastur bation in the Park[edit]

Trying to do Mastur Bation in the park can be hard, with all the people watching you, but because you have your pants on, noone seems to care.

Doing mastur bation while using other people's hands[edit]

also known as getting your friends to do it for you while using sockpuppets is a great way to get you off every once in a while and just imagine there fingers rubbing all over your personal Space bar.

Mastur bation in the bathtub[edit]

Are you a fucking Idiot? taking an electrical thing like a portable computer into the bath with you and turning on the water is stupid, if you wanna die of electrical burns and fracture your semi colon that's not my problem.

Mastur bation through the wifi[edit]

if you wanna change Emma Watson's breast size to extra large on Wikipedia using someone's wifi then great I guess but don't bust a nut about it.

Mastur bation using a plush toy of Google as an anime girl that can moan at you and ask you for search queries[edit]

Screams in Senpai.

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