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Lego City is a stupid city on The Island with a population of 542, with no intelligent beings. The town is full of douchebags with blocky asses who are either pornos, zombies, homosexuals, or homosexual zombie pornos. Lego City is one fuck of a town.

What to do[edit]

“We like sports...that's it motherfuckers.”

~ Joe Blockington VI, citizen

Almost nothing (god damn it). If you're lucky, you can get a small rundown apartment right next to Chuck E. Cheese's. There are many bars that force you to get drunk on beer, and I think I saw two LEGO minifigures fucking through one of the windows.

There is also the NeeGAR Village (which was totally not built for bombing).

There are also too many Walmarts.


The town was found in 1919 at 19:19:19 UTC by Billy Bobby Belly and his friend Timmy Jimmy XVI. So yeah.


There's a mayor... and his boyfriend... that's about it.

Oh, and Jonathanothy St. Johnsonberger, who is the mayor's legal trash bag assistant (LTBA). The government is stupid and arrogant and literally gay, so WTF?

Also, the government is just a team of motherfuckers who throw safety out the window.