Incidents at McDonalds

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McDonalds has received many criticism and dislike for its bad reputation as a restaurant, due to its frequent number of mishaps and oopsie-doopsies. Yes, that's right, folks. Companies make mistakes! However, most of these can either be dispersed as fake or fraudulent, because the sources these come from are not reliable, and not because we're getting paid by McDonalds.


  • An employee forced to work while violently McVomiting all over the food[1]
  • A worker McTampering with a police officer's food[2]
  • A McFingernail in someone's fries[3]
  • A worker McSoliciting McSex in the drive-thru[3]
  • McForced to work after imminent McBushfire threat[4]
  • McRats in the burgers[3]


  • A kid with McDiarrhea in the playplace[5]
  • McFeces on the make-your-own-burger touchscreens[3]
  • McHorrible smells in the uniform seeped down through an employees backpack[5]
  • Somebody took a McShit in the trash can Damn, [5] is a gold mine
  • Shoving a McDick in a milkshake every day for 2.5 years
  • Some of the staff were a bit annoying [citation needed] [original bullshit] [who?] [offensive material]

References (yes, most of these are actually real)[edit]