HowTo:Fix a broken keyboard

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Broken keyboards are very annoying. The main cause of a broken keyboard is if a wire is loose. The simplest way to fix this is detailed below.

Step 1: Get a flamethrower.

Step 2: Identify the broken wire.

Step 3: Fire the flamethrower so that the flame will push the wire back. The flae will also melt the wire, and it when the dust settles and the molten wire cools, it will have bonded to the pad. There is no pad? What computer are you using?!

Step 4: Hide the flamethrower. It's illegal.

Step 5: Get yourself a new computer.

Step 6: Toss the old computer into acid. (DO NOT USE AQUA REGIA!!!)

Step 7: Strain the acid.

Step 8: Pick up the metal left from the wreckage. Computers usually use a lot of gold because it is a good conductor. Most other things will dissolve. With luck, the rest of the computer will have dissolved and left all of the gold. Aqua Regia dissolves the gold, so avoid it.

Step 9: Trip and fall into the acid.

Step 10: Go Here.