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"Beware the Doctor"

-Something inscribed on every town under axis control

935's logo

Group 935, formed by German Scientist Dr. Ludvig Maxis was a drug selling business that sold a new drug known as Element 115. Its trippy as shit and can turn you into a zombie if your not careful. Just a heads up for all muh fellow junkies who wanna try it. Apparently the members of this organization are gay as fuck and don't do anything but make shitty experimental weaponry and smoke Element 115.

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Group 935 was formed after Dr. Ludvig Maxis and his best homie Dr. Edward Richtofen after they did a shit ton of crack and while on their high they had a talk on what they should do that day and Maxis said: "H3y mAnn wood iTT be guD Ideyer ifs wez maek evil nazi science thing?". Of course Richtofen agreed and that was how this retarded group was made.

Dr. Edward Richtofen (on left) and Dr. Edward Maxis (on right) at their Element 115 lab. (1939 colorized)


Group 935 found an awesome new drug called element 115 and wanted to sell it. They needed a great way to get publicity for their company since they weren't well known at the time, but luckily a certain Nazi Party and Angry Tiny Mustache Man where the rave of the 1930s and they didn't want to be stupid and miss out on publicity so they became smarties and joined the Nazi Party! Now accepting Queers and Dikes according to SJWFIELD V. The Nazis accepted them due to the fact they needed more funding and a drug business was the perfect way of getting funds. Walter White soon started laundering money from MatressFirm because they are in the illuminati and stuff. The drug business was a success and Element 115 turned all the junkies into zombies so there would be a good excuse to kill them all. On top of that a microwave known as the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and a Ronald Raygun were made too.

Biological science[edit]

Many Genetically synthesized abominations were created by Group 935 which still plague the world to this very day. These include (but are not limited too):

  1. German Shepherds
  2. Zombies
  3. Anita Sarkeesian
  4. Justin Bieber
  5. Liberals


Soon after everyone turned into walking corpses, 935 fell apart after a gypsy child threw waffles at Dr. Maxis and his daughter and sent them to the fucking moon for some reason and Richtofen and some National Stereotypes were left to fend for themselves against the ensuing shitstorm of zombies.