Gin and Juche

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Gin and Juche is a North Korean cocktail of North Korean cuisine invented by Kim Il-sung, but made in collaboration with Tha Dogg Pound.[1] The drink is referenced in Kim-Il Sung's hit single "Gin N Juche", (remember the N makes it GaNgsta).[1] One critic reported "a feeling like a mix between getting punched in the face, being put in a labour camp, and taking every drug in existence. In other words, it is a wild ride that may make you vomit or or leave your head dismembered. Not for the faint of heart."[2]


Snoop Dogg was talking to Katy Perry, Dat Nigga Daz, and Selena Gomez about a possible "Gin and juice" cocktail, but Kim-Il Sung chimed in to make it "Gin and Juche", and Kim "Il" Jong-Il and Tha Dogg Pound (rap group led by Snoop Dogg) had rapping talent, so they made a song related to the cocktail, "Gin N Juche".[1][3][4]


Gin and Juche is made from:

Popular juices used[edit]

Gin and Juche is a fruit cocktail made from fruit juice, here are all the fruit juice types used in the making of Gin and Juche. The technique here is to mix every single fruit juice but the most popular juices used are: