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My American Thong is nice

“At the school you get tutorly fucked by the teachers in the parking lot”

~ Benny Lava on India's school system

“Price is Right is a game show”

~ Captain Obvious on The Price is Right

“Music isn't but a thrill show”

~ Benny Lava on why he writes and performs music

“My American Thong is nice”

~ Benny Lava on the thong he bought at a lingerie store in San Francisco

“My people lick dick a lot”

~ Benny Lava on his people's love of oral sex

“My loony bun is wait wrong song”

~ Benny Lava on confusing this song with his previous hit
Oh the things this body can make you say, it say Tom is a woman, i think it say

Johnny Gay is an English-language song by Indian artist and songwriter Benny Lava. The song, which Lava wrote after he came out of the closet is an affirmation of the gay lifestyle. In the song Lava urges listeners to "lick till their horny gay". He also says "all age fine for you" meaning men of any age can be attractive (assuming they are over the age of consent of course). Lava tells the story of a tranvestite named Tom whose body can make people say and do all sorts of things that they normally wouldn't.

LGBT references in the song[edit]

Besides advising his listeners to lick until they are horny gay and telling them that all age is fine for you, Benny talks about how is colon was killed during his first gay encounter. He refers to semen as "doo-doo white" and talks about his encounter with a transvestite. Lava talks about his people's love of oral sex, his american thong, and his experiences with his school teachers in the parking lot. Critics counter that his music is a bit creepy. Lava acknowledged this but countered that "at least we've got men in tights".

Lava talks about how he was first introduced into the gay lifestyle as a high school student in his mothers closet. His teachers taught him how to "tutorly fuck" in the school's parking lot after class. Lava talks about how sportswriter Peter Gammons reported him (for sexual harrassment) but he showed him (his genitals). Lava states that one can be moral and religious while being gay, telling his listeners to not only give them gay but "give them holy gay". Despite now taking the moral high road when it comes to his homosexuality, Lava admits he once tried to buy a male prostitute for a quarter.

Lava shows his soft side when he mentions a cocky ballad he wrote for his boyfriend Jimmy and tells about the horrors of anal rape when he got in a fight with his former boyfriend who identified with the bear sub-culture.

Cultural references in the song[edit]

Despite being primarily about being homosexual, Johnny Gay is an upbeat song that includes many cultural references. Lava's love of the game show the Price is Right is referenced in the song's chorus. Mein Kampf, one of Lava's favourite books is refrenced as well. The online store Ebay is referenced when Lava expresses his frustration that the package he ordered was a "lil late" and his expressed his anger by rubbing it in her dinner. Benny also expresses his activity with his Sony VAIO computer. He adds several humourous and nonsensical lyrics about catching parables and chilling hard dills. Harper Lee's 1960 novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" is mentioned when Lava mistakenly refers to it as "Did you ever kill a mockery?".

Critical reception[edit]

Johnny Gay was a smash hit both at home and abroad, ecplising the previous success of his debut self-titled single Benny Lava. It reached number one on both the India and US top 40. Conservatives harshly condemned it as promoting the gay lifestyle but liberals praised the song as a gay anthem, similar to Lady Gaga's Born this Way.

Gay references in other Benny Lava songs[edit]

Although Johnny Gay is the first song where Benny specifically encourages his listeners to be gay, he does make some gay references one of his other songs. In his self titled song Benny Lava, Benny talks about gay nuns and the fact that his brother loved him inside Ed. A darker side of his sexuality is shown when Benny tells his friend Oliver to defacate on his listeners and his listeners request Benny to "pee on them tonight".

About the artist[edit]

Benny Lava was born in India in 1973. Benny was made by a minor bun engine. He has had numerous sexual relationships with both men and women. Despite being gay, he once performed oral sex on a woman named Belinda, causing the ninja to make a movement. He has an interest in scat and urophilia that was revealed when he told his friend Oliver to poop on his fans and when his fans request that Benny "pee on them tonight". He was also inside a man named Ed. Before he became a famous singer/songwriter Benny made a living selling DNA. He also fought a barber man. He never specified if he won that fight or not.


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