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You see them everyday, bagging your groceries or driving behind you in traffic, following traffic laws like they're innocent. Look! There's a white guy right now waiting for the walk sign on a crosswalk

They seem so nice. They seem so bland. But I'm here to tell you that behind every pasty white cracker there's an evil oppressor waiting to emerge, a bloodthirsty conquistador ready to permanently rob you of your land and your rights. You've seen the monster behind their eyes while they're handing you a peppermint spice latte at the local Starbucks emporium.

Janice, she's not saying, "That'll be $6.34." She's saying: "I'm biding my time, [slur], until the day I can silence your proud mouthole with my privilege."

You think you're safe, motherfucker? You think white people are a-okay? You've already been brainwashed. Everytime you spell words correctly, every time you don't litter, it's the white man guiding your feeble little brain. Turning you into one of them.

You're gonna turn white one day if you don't know what's what. That's what happened to the King of Pop. One day he tossed a can of Crystal Pepsi in a recycling bin instead of on the street like a proud POC, and his skin turned paler and paler until it was too late. Nose sharp enough to slice a pork belly.

That's why you got to fuck white people.

Yeah! Fuck em![edit]


No, no, I mean, literally fuck them. Fuck white people. Fuck them.

Yeah! Down with the oppressors![edit]


No, no, literally have sex with white people. Make love to their white people genitals.

The fuck?[edit]


Now you understand. It's like Basic Instinct, you know? Like sleeping with the enemy. You got to get them when they're most vulnerable and then break their hearts. You think they're innocent, snickering to insults on Black Twitter. "Haha, very funny. Us white people! Ha! We are unable to put seasoning on our chickens! L and O and L, oh my Gawd!"

That's them mentally restraining themselves from getting the loaded AR-15 hidden in their pants. That's them waiting to call their friends in the police and shoot you in one of their drug busts, or make you go on jury duty. I've seen it happen.



We People of Color have to do something about all the goddamn white people around. They're all walking around, not knowing the souls of millions of dead Native Americans are literally chained to their feet. Huge lines of them, like balloons tied to their ankles except those balloons are crying Indians. That's why you got to fuck them. You got to seduce them.

You take them out to dinner. "Hello, uh, Gregory Phillips, I've always been in love with your impeccable taste in novelty ties. Want to fuck in the elevator?" Shit's always worked for me. Then you shoot them in the face, you'll hear screams of joy coming from your POC ancestors. I've repaid the debt, great-grandmother. I have done it.

None of this is making any sense[edit]


You got to say to them, "Oh, I also listen to Rush or Yes" or whatever shit white people listen to. "Death Grips? Yeah, POC totally listen to that." You got to trick them. And when they're in bed assuming the position you got to make sweet love to them until it's time to strike. You got to get their grubby pink fingers all over your sweet tan ass, and you make them think you love them until you stick your fingers through the white man's eyeballs and watch whitey get his comeuppance. That's what you get for Nanjing, white devil.

This was all probably written by a white person[edit]


I am ashamed.