Alexandre Vaz

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Alexandre Vaz
Name Alexandre Amadeu Vaz
Born Unknown, he wasn't registered
Died He hasn't died yet.
Aliases 1. Mr. Guitar

2. Mr. Guy

3. Mr. The guy who plays guitar

4. Mr. Who?
Genre Jazz
Affiliations MJFB
Label Epic Records
Guitars Brown Gibson Les Paul, Sun Tanned Fender Stratocaster
Years in Duty 2008 - now

“The best guitar player!”

~ Jimmy "The Lier" Jones on Alex's Ability

Alexandre Amadeu Vaz, best known as "That guy who plays the guitar", plays guitar for one year, and he has been considered one of the masterminds from Portugal stamp sale, he has even been compared to Linda de Suza, while she was playing in Viena with the children.


Alex as a child[edit]

Alex was a very talented child. By the age of six, he talked urdu. That's the main reasons his parents tried to sell him in the market. Without sucess, they bought him an eletric guitar. Since then, he played themes like "Little Lamb". When he was dreaming God told him:

“When you reach you adolescence you will be a great guitar player. Oh men, i have to stop telling jokes and using this dreams thing, cause this is making my heart faint with all the laugs.(laughs) A great guitar player. (really loud laughs)”

~ God on Alex Dream

Alex woke up and called the drive in. He ordered two cokes and one hamburguer with extra pepper. On the next night, God talked to him again:

“Hey...What? Ups. I'm sorry, wrong line. I probably hit recall or something. Damn. Really nice weather hum?”

~ God on Wrong Call

Alexandre started to work as a clerk doing paper work at the age of 10, to earn some money to but his first guitar. When he was buying the guitar, he was kidnapped by aliens. Aliens changed his mind and he became a jazz fan.

He ended up buying a Squier Stratocaster.

Alex as a teenager[edit]

Alex became very fond of his guitar. He even called her "Mary-Lou". When he was playing, a chord hit him and he suffered that famous wound with an X. "X-Rated" was his nick as an adolescent. We talked to one of Alex friends, who also plays the guitar, and he said:


~ Diogo "Iron Man" Santos on Nothing

When we asked the question, he said:

“That's not a question!”

~ Diogo "Iron Man" Santos on a question that in fact was not a question

Then we asked what was Alex first guitar:

“A Famel Zundapp”

~ Diogo "Iron Man" Santos on First Guitar

Diogo Santos is a very good guitar player, in his dreams.

The two teenagers felt they needed some kind of teaching, so Alex contacted a guitar player from Guns N' Roses, Nicolau Ratencliffen. He teache the two boys and they soon became ready to play in a band. Alex developed some cool skills, with which he could play all the jazz great musics. God appeared in his dreams again:

“I really like this thing of appearing in dreams. I appear, say something nice, and its done. By the way, do you know where the bakery is? Im a little bit hungry.”

~ God on Nothing Interesting

Alex shouted: "LET ME SLEEP!!"

Alex as an adult[edit]

Drawing of Alex from a very famous artist

Alex played with Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia for 5 years, then the two guitar players expelled him for being too good.

“What a stupid kid! He thinks he's the real deal heh. He isn't!(curses)”

~ Paco de Lucia on Alex

He was in The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, where he met John Frusciante with whom he made the duet "Brothers of Steel". The duet started in June 2017 and broke up in June 2050. John Frusciante said:

“If I had 1% of his (Alex's) skill, I would be a great guitar player.”

~ John "No Imagination" Frusciante on Alex's Ability

John Frusciante made a good amount of money being a homeless too.

Currently, Alex plays with Diogo "Iron Man" Santos in a Metal Jazz Fusion band, MJFB, which has hit the tops worldwide. He really appreciates being on MJFB, which is a success worldwide and he says:

“The band's ambience is pretty nice. I like. You like me?”

~ Alex on MJFB

Alex is on rehab for being a coke addict. He drinked 30 gallons of coke per day.


Alex, on live concerts, uses his Stratocaster and his Les Paul Signature. He likes to be stoned by the fans and he uses the wah pedal to make a really funky sound.


  1. Sun Tanned Fender Stratocaster Custom;
  2. Brown Gibson Les Paul Signature AV;
  3. Jimi Hendrix Signature Flying V;
  4. Fender Telecaster;
  5. Squier Strat;


  1. Marshall 100W Amp;
  2. Marshall 1000W Valves Amp [Ultimate Edition];


  1. Dunlop Cry Baby;


MJFB debut album

His debut album was "AleX.Rated" where he has strong Jimi Hendrix influences.

After that, he joined Paco de Lucia and Al Di Meola and they released the album "De Coup De Etat", which was a very successful album, with the most known tune being "Midnight And Light On The Park, Pts. 19-46".

Then he was expelled from the band and he joined John Frusciante. They released 16 albums, but the most well known of them all is "Jhax: The Promenade" from the Steel Brothers. The debut song "I Wanna Roll And Jump On The Back Of a Japanese Car" was top billboard for 3 years.

Now, in MJFB, their first album is "Bring The Ones You Must Love To The Slayer Of Hell/Sound and Rhythm: Gods Legacy". The album has two names cause, as explained by Diogo Santos, the divergences between the two styles demanded two names for the album. MJFB is going to release their next album in 2053, with the known single "I Eat Blood and Dust For Lunch/The Fly Of The Soul, Pt. 3".